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10-11 December, 2016

Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December 2016, Kaleidos and the cultural association Volere Volare invited 5 artists to take possession of his walls.

Four artists, an Italian collective and three Belgian artists are taking possession of Kaleidos,
that opens itself and offers his white walls, to let their creativity flows.

Deepsheet Studiolab:

A collective formed for the occasion will immerge you in an electronic and linear atmosphere.

Pso Man:

A dive into a floating universe, with tribal subjects and a natural atmosphere
with pastel colours, his creations will enchant you.

Psoman is a painter-plastician working on and with all kinds of mediums.
In 2010 he travelled around Asia, Oceania and Mexico to paint. Since then, he has held numerous
exhibitions across Belgium and more recently also in New-Delhi, Tokyo, Osaka , Seoul and Taiwan.


His head-spinning cells and flux will fill you with colours.


Realising portraits in black and white and other compositions between surrealism and symbolism,

the light becomes the key to get out the soul of the subjects that he’s painting.

And our special guest,


With sweet lines and subtle colors, she reinterprets emotions of the moments suspended in time.